A list of past and current project trailers and videos:

June 2018: Random Skies: Temple of tunes (Bedrock Marketplace)
November 2018: Puffin Island (Bedrock Marketplace, models, narrative, mechanics)
April 2017: Rebuilding London (Java,
May 2017: Automaton Dreams  (Bedrock Marketplace, models, *PM and mechanics)
September 2017: Better Together Trailer (made in Bedrock)
March 2016: We are the Rangers (Java Realms, narrative, mechanics)
June 2016: Win 10 Friendly Update Trailer (Narrative, mechanics and *PM)
August 2016: WonderQuest Season 2 (all mechanics, models, stage manager)
Sep 2016: Fire of London Adventure Map (Java)
June 2015: Random Skies (Java Realms)
April 2015: WonderQuest Season 1 (All mechanics and producer)
April 2015: Tateworlds: The Toyshop (Java, narrative and mechanics)
May 2015: Tomorrowland (Java, narrative and mechanics & *PM)
October 2015: Goosebumps (Java, narrative and mechanics & *PM)
November 2015: The Good Dinosaur (Java, narrative and mechanics & *PM)
November 2014: Tateworlds: Pool of London (Java, narrative and mechanics)
May 2013: Run of the Damned (Java)

*Project manager